Standards of Authorship

All contributors are expected to adhere to certain standards in their writing. Any writing that does not comply with certain standards is subject to editing or deleting.

Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling

Good use of grammar, punctuation, and spelling are integral to an effective story.

Not a creative writer, but want to help out? We need you!

  • Proofread and edit pages for consistency, grammar, punctuation, and logic.
  • Format paragraphs and dialogue.
  • Delete troll pages, or other pages that blatantly disregard the rules.
  • Edit pages that ruin the flow of the story, or contradict earlier events.

Tone and Atmosphere

Outline a general plan for what the intention of your Adventure is when you start it: What genre and themes it belongs to, etc.

Do not deviate from an established atmosphere. If the story is gloomy and suspenseful, it is not appropriate to abandon the established tone and begin writing a lighthearted story.


If a writer or writers have the story moving in a certain direction, do not sabotage it. For example, if the character is entering a dangerous dungeon, do not have the character sprout wings and fly if it is not appropriate to the plot. It should be obvious whether the story is a free-for-all, or moving in a specific direction with strategic developments. Monitor contributions accordingly.

Be familiar with the plot so far, and do not contradict earlier events. Contradiction of events on other story branches is up to the consensus of interested parties.

Don't give too many options when starting a new story branch and leave half of them redlinked. Focus on a small number of story threads at first.

Discussion of plot changes belong on that adventure's discussion page. Feel free to collaborate with other authors before contributing major plot developments.