Kingdom of Argentum

You wake up with your head pounding, eyes closed as you let out a groan. As you reach up to clutch at your head, you hear the rattle of chains and feel a weight on your wrists. You opened your eyes, the bright flicker of a torch hurting them. You hissed, pushing yourself up from the cold stone floor into a sitting position, your head pounding all the while.

"You're finally up, I see."

Your eyes snapped in the direction of the croaky old voice, and you noticed that you're looking through iron bars. Your eyes widen. You're in a prison cell. A dark, dank, damp, prison cell.

Crawling towards the bars, you grasped onto them, peering into a prison cell opposite of yours. In the darkness, you see a figure; a long tail lashed behind a furry body, a snout sticking out of the bars and glowing eyes peering back.

"Where am I? Why am I here?" you ask, your voice in a slight panic.

"Woah there, calm down. You're in prison," the creature said. "For not being human."


You frown to yourself. Creatures were being sent to prison for not being human? You yourself are..

What happens next?

A Vampire

An Elf

An Elemental

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This story has 10 pages: Kingdom of Argentum, A Sky Ememental, A Vampire, An Earth Elemental, An Elemental, An Elf, Elite Weapon Master, I accept the conditions!, Outwit the guard, Wait until the day of the execution,

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