Ding dong ping dong, ping dong ding dong! The clock rang as its hands turned to mark another hour. Taylor sat at the table. In front of him lay an open textbook, a planner, a pencil, and a worksheet. He looks at the clock contemplatively, and thinks of the cool fantasy book he had checked out of the library that day, still sitting in his book bag. He hears the dishwasher beep happily as it is closed and set to wash the day's dishes. His mother wipes her hands dry and walks into the office, where his father is working. He notices a dirty knife that escaped the dishwasher lying on a nearby counter.

What happens next?

Taylor returns his attention to the worksheet.

Taylor pulls his fantasy book out of his bag.

Taylor gets the knife from the counter.

Taylor opens up the planner.

Age Rating: Young Readers

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This story has 11 pages: Homework, "The dragon opens its eyes" he reads., 560 scales, Taylor writes., He listens to the ticking clock., He looks up, imagining what Sir Garendion might do if the dragon awakens., Taylor gets the knife from the counter., Taylor gets up from the table to ask his parents for help., Taylor opens up the planner., Taylor pulls his fantasy book out of his bag., Taylor returns his attention to the worksheet., … further results

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