The day is a bit overcast, but it still can count as a lovely one (I guess). Our main character, Mike is outside sitting on a bench at the front of his home. He seems to be in very deep thought, as he seems unaffected by his surroundings. There is a newspaper close by next to him. After a while, Mike looks about, having snapped out of his inner thoughts and picks up the paper. He quickly skims the pages with an uninterested look on his face. All of a sudden, an article catches his eye about a long-forgotten restaurant that needs a security guard to watch the place. Mike's eyes slowly shift towards the illustration in the middle of the article. It is a picture of one of the animatronics from the pizza place. A memory flashes by for a split-second of when he was a child. Back then, any "virtual reality" robot or anything along the lines of that seemed to make him nervous. The image that he saw was a particular time of what caused this anxiety when he threw a raspberry at one of the A.A.s in a ride. It wasn't too bad until the cart was turning because the boy looked back and he was almost sure he saw the robot staring back at him, almost as if to say, "You know what you did. You will pay for your ridicule…" The guy realizes he is drifting again, and begins reading again. Why did he remember that, though? It was only an irrational fear though…right? Anyway, he finishes the article, and he comes to a decision he needs to make. On one hand, he needs the job…and the money. He is also pretty sure he has done a job like this before, so that is fine. On the other hand, night shifts make him slightly nervous, as he could end up falling asleep at some point and miss something important. The memories of robots don't help either, and whenever he spots this animatronic's eyes, there is a sudden feeling of unease. Has he seen it before or not? …Should he go for it?

What happens next?

Who cares if you're scared? Do it!

Play it safe. Look for another job or whatever.

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