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In the planet, Eribia, the humans (or any race who look human) do not have any reproductive parts. The only way to reproduce is to use the life magic. In the ancient times, people kept using the magic and the result was the population increase. Leaders started to ban the magic and only lets the priests use the magic on couples who will get married or wants kids. So, the human body actually looks a lot like mannequins but there are still parts that are used to go to the bathroom to relieve themselves. Anyways, the way the magic is used is to let two people hold both each other's hands and enchant the correct words to finish the magic to create their baby. The baby will get some of the parents' genes. Now, only priests know those words. The couples will have to show their love of one another and make a good reason of why they want a kid. Gender does not really matter in this world. Now, there are two kingdoms that are only for boys or girls. The third kingdom is the neutral kingdom where both gender lives together. The neutral kingdom is called Belorux. The women kingdom is called Divinas. The men kingdom is called Farko.

    The women still have bigger chest and curvier body than men. Men can be physically
stronger but strength might not matter in both genders since there are magic or psychic

abilities that could overcome people regardless of strength.

So, are you a girl or a boy?

What happens next?



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