Clash of Ninjas

You wake up determined for your most important mission of your life thinking back to the past. You have just past the Jounin exam two months ago and quickly jumped to a high ranking officer. It seems just like yesterday when you past the academy then progress on to Genin. Then in a mere year, you have just past and went to Chuunin and then on to the highest level, Jounin. Though you are considered a prodigy since you have become the leader of ANBU black ops at the age of 15, there are enemies out there that have much more power than yourself.

"Oh well." you say to yourself. "The dangerous mission we have tomorrow will decide the fate of your village." After all I am a leaf shin obi. I wonder who is going to be on the mission tomorrow?" You know that you could assemble an all leaf shin obi team. You know them very well and knowing how your forces work and working as a team will give them an edge. Then again, there are some extremely talented shin obi on the other lands working with us. Not taking any of them is a definitely stupid. "I've got all day though."

"My clan is probably waiting for me in the meeting room. I should hurry."

What happens next?

I am in the Hyuuga clan

I am in the Uchiha clan

I am in the Aburame clan

I am in the Nara clan

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