Bucketman: The First Adventures

(Sing it!) Bucketman, Bucketman, Does whatever a bucket can. Is he intelligent? If that could be said, Would he wear a bucket upon his head? Bucketmannnn

Everyone knows about the superhero Bucketman. But, does anyone really know how he came to be a hero?

Let`s take Spider-Man for example. Spidey was bitten by a radioactive spider, and received spider-like powers. So maybe Bucketman was bitten by a radioactive bucket? That`s a little hard to believe. Buckets don`t have teeth.

And Superman. Superman came from space, so on this planet, affected by a different sun and different gravity, he has strange powers. But Bucketman doesn`t really have any powers to speak of. That being said, Bucketman is a real weirdo, so maybe he really might have come from space.

Well then, since we DO know that Bucketman is a weirdo without any real powers, it`s probably the case that one day a weird guy punched two holes (for his eyes) in a bucket and put it on his head like a helmet, saying, “I ammm Bucketmannn!!!”

What happens next?

Punch two eye-holes in a bucket, put it on your head like a helmet, and exclaim, “I ammm Bucketmannn!!!”

Don't do this crazy thing

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