Big Dog's Revenge

Night has fallen upon the city of Anthra and you find yourself among a group of your closest friends. With you are Toddy, J.C., and Quebek (a former Canadian pop star). Your night is going smoothly and you're all trying to figure out what to do next when lo and behold, your cellular phone rings, setting off a chime of the Scooby Doo theme song. Caller ID reveals that it's restricted. Hesitantly, you open your phone.

"Hello?" you inquire into the microphone.
"YO DIS BE BIG DAWG," a voice rings back at you.
"Oh, hi Big Da-"
"-WHERE'S MA MONEY?" He is not in the mood to be trifled with, you ascertain.
"I don't have it yet..."

His threat rings through to your brain, Big Dog means it. You are also confused by the expression "dead milk" but decide to let that slide for the night. In the time you are contemplating how milk can be dead, he has hung up.

Your crew/posse/not-entourage presents the options for the remainder of the night. Quebek suggests bowling. Toddy knows this party that he could totally hook y'all up with and it'll be "real", J.C. is hardpressed about ideas and says he just wants to sit around and look at the stars.

Well, dear reader, what do you do next?

What happens next?

Go to the bowling alley for Quebek.

Go to a party, a la Toddy.

Sit around and look at the stars like JC wants to.

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