You open your eyes to be met with only a thick darkness. A damp feeling clung to the air in a heavy way. You could hear quiet footsteps, but it was too dark to tell from where. You sit up, being met by a dim headache. You close your eyes tightly for a moment, before reopening them. Your eyes have adjusted tot he dim light. In front of you is a wall, dark, old, and seemingly frightening. The same appears to your right and behind you. However, to your left is bars. Thick bars of a prison cell.

(Congrats! You made your way into prison. Now, before we continue, are you male (boy) or female (girl)?)

What happens next?




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This story has 7 pages: Bandit, "Assassin", "Thief", Fake Being Asleep, Female, Male, Wait for them to arrive,

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