Alien Invasion

You awaken with a start.

Finding yourself lying on a cold stone floor you arise to your feet feeling slightly dizzy and disoriented. The room you stand in is somewhat familiar to you, but only in a hazy far off way. Wondering why you don't remember the events from yesterday you study your surroundings. The cosy looking furniture seemed to fade into the background leaving the room feeling cold and empty. On the far left side of the room was a tall staircase leading to a second floor. Infront of you is a large oak door which leads outside, and on the right side of the room seems to be evidence of a struggle, smashed glass lies scattered on the floor along with an upside down table and a broken lamp. you slowly start to have a realization. Not only do you not remember yesterday's events, you don't remember anything. Your heart catches in your chest as you grasp the concept of not knowing your own identity. Overwhelmed you...

What happens next?

Go up stairs and search for clues.

Go though the door.

Age Rating: General Audience

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This story has 26 pages: Alien Invasion, As soon as you are able, escape out the back and scarper!, Call them! something weird is obviously going on, First door, Follow the dog, Follow the smoke trail, Go though the door., Go up stairs and search for clues., Head North to the forest., Head West to "The Valley", … further results

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