Alien Amnesia

You wake with a start.

Slowly, you sit up. You find yourself in a dimly lit stone building. The only recourse from the cold ground is the rickety bench you are sitting on. This room seems familiar to you, but only in a hazy far-off way. Wondering why you don't remember the events of yesterday, you stand up and paw at the wall, searching for an exit.

As you feel your way across the room, you slowly start to have a realization. Not only do you not remember yesterday's events, you don't remember anything. Your heart catches in your chest as you grapple with the concept of not knowing your own identity. You frantically stumble further and further into the darkness, hoping that something will trigger your memory.

Turning a corner, you come face to face with two huge orange-red eyes. You scream, stumbling backwards. You cower on the floor, accepting the fate that awaits you. After a few seconds of nothing happening, you peer up to where the eyes met you. The eyes are not there; instead you see an illuminated mirror. You stand up, brushing the dust off of yourself. You see the eyes again. They are your own. You examine yourself in the mirror. You marvel at your eerily pale-white body, and your short arms. Something catches your eye at the top of the mirror. An appendage seems to grow out of the top of your wide head almost instantly. Long but bent, it hangs there limply. You poke the round white stump of your antennae cautiously, but nothing happens. Overwhelmed, you finish staring at yourself in the mirror, and turn around. The illumination of the mirror reveals three possible exits; a large steel door, a staircase that goes up, and an elevator that will descend down.

What happens next?

The Door

The Staircase

The Elevator

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This story has 41 pages: Alien Amnesia, Ask her about this location, Ask her who she is, Connect the loose wires, Continue towards the shoreline, Drink the liquid in a fit of madness, East, to the Ocean, Examine the rest of the control panel, Exit the elevator, Explore, … further results

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