Albion Ltd: Bladud University

Albion Ltd. is a gamebook series. Like all multiple choice adventures, you take the role of the main character of a story and advance the plot by making different choices. Unlike most multiple choice adventures, you have a number of different abilities which will allow you to take certain choices you would otherwise be unable to. This isn't hard-coded, and there's nothing stopping you from taking a Pilot choice even if you don't have the Pilot ability, but don't. It's cheating. When you see an option marked, for example, (use Acrobatics), it means you must have Acrobatics to choose that option. When you see one marked (gain Acrobatics), it means selecting the option will give you the ability, and you obviously do not need to have it already. When you see one marked (lose Acrobatics), it means that you must sacrifice the Acrobatics ability to choose that option, and thus must have it already. The abilities are also divided up as physical, mental, social, and genen. Sometimes you only need to have any ability of the three to choose an option, in which case it will say something like (use any physical) or (gain any physical).

In addition to these abilities, you have resources, primarily health, GPA, suspicion, and credit, but you might be asked to start tracking others along the way. Unlike abilities, which you either have or don't, resources increase or decrease as you play. Your GPA will often drop by decimal points, but the others are always whole numbers.

Finally, there is your inventory and your code words. Your inventory is obviously just the unusual items you're carrying on your person. In addition to these, you are assumed to have a few items, like a smartphone and a tablet containing all your textbooks, which effectively all students of Bladud University have. Code words are special words which keep track of certain plot points, so that, for example, you might write the code word Vicious on your sheet if you were infected by a rabies-like disease that causes you to slowly go insane with aggression, and occasionally see a choice marked "if you have the code word Vicious, click here." Unless the choice text indicates otherwise (i.e. "if you have the code word Vicious and you would like to speak with the doctor"), you MUST take the option for the given code word. Code words aren't always good and aren't always bad, they just keep track of plot points.

Your classification is determined by your GPA as follows:

First Class: 3.7-4.0

Upper Second Class: 3.3-3.6

Lower Second Class: 3.0-3.2

Third Class: 2.3-2.9

Ordinary Pass: 2.0-2.2

Any lower than 2.0 and you're failing.

You can copy the following sheet into a Google doc or Notepad to get started.



Acrobatic [ ]

Combatant [ ]

Healthy [ ]

Larceny [ ]


Hacker [ ]

Perceptive [ ]

Pilot [ ]

Studious [ ]


Charming [ ]

Intimidating[ ]

Persuasive [ ]

Wealthy [ ]


Dominator [ ]

Manifester [ ]

Manipulator [ ]

Sensor [ ]


Health: *****

Credit: *****

GPA: 3.5



Code Words:

Pick one of physical, mental, and social to be your strength. You get three abilities from this area. Another is your weakness. You get only one ability from this area. The leftover one is in-between, and you gain two abilities from this area. If you are Healthy, add one to your Health. If you are Wealthy, add one to your Credit. If you are Studious, add 0.3 to your GPA.

Once you've selected your abilities, you're ready to begin.

What happens next?


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