You are walking down a busy street at dusk, minding your own business. You just left work, and you are ready to go home. Reaching the intersection, you catch glimpses of a shadow out of the corner of your eye. Turning your head slightly, you see nothing except a dark alley. You assume it was a cat, and turn the corner.

Everything goes black.

You wake up slowly. Your head hurts. You are lying flat on your back chained to a table. You hear screams and low voices from down the hall.

What happens next?

Struggle against the chains

Call out to the voices

Pretend to be asleep

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This story has 58 pages: Abducted, Apologize and ask for information, Ask him what is going on, Ask what's going on and who they are, Attack while he's distracted!, Battle with the chain., Break through the wall, Call out to the surroundings, Call out to the voices, Continue to pretend to be asleep., … further results

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