A Werewolf's Bite

Groggily, you wake up in the darkest, most crowded and dirtiest cell you have ever seen. Not that you have ever really had to look at a prison cell before and especially not from the inside, bu- Wait. Prison cell? Is that where you are? You recall being accused of something along the lines of robbery, but you didn't do it.

Light spills in soon after, blinding you and revealing a new prisoner being led inside. It's hard to see what he looks like, but the prisoner seems to be dressed in rags with pale skin and surprisingly long hair for a man. He wonders over to the wall opposite you to sit and the guard leaves. A slammed door later, the newcomer turns to you.

"Who are you?"

What happens next?

Ignore him

Age Rating: General Audience

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This story has 4 pages: A Werewolf's Bite, Ignore him, No I Won't, Yes I Will,

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